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Kulanjan Oil
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Greater galangal grows to a height of 1.8 m and has long, elegant, blade-like leaves. The flowers are green and white with red tips. Rhizome is built up from cylindrical subunits (circular cross-section), whose pale-reddish surface is characteristically cross-striped by reddish-brown, small rings. The interior has about the same color as the skin and is hard and woody in texture.


The plant grows from rhizomes in clumps of stiff stalks up to 2 m in height with abundant long leaves that bear red fruit. It is native to South Asia and Indonesia and cultivated in Malaysia, Laos and Thailand. A. galanga is the galangal used most often in cookery. The robust rhizome has a sharp, sweet taste and smells like a blend of Black pepper and pine needles. The red fruit is used in traditional Chinese medicine and has a flavor similar to cardamom. 


Kulanjan Oil comes from an erect robust perennial herb. The oil is extracted through steam distillation process from the dried part of roots. 



Botanical Name:  Alpinia galanga (Linn)
Common name:  Galangal
Plant family:  Zingiberaceae
Genus:  Alpinia
Appearance/Color: Yellow to olive brown liquid
Odor: Highly aromatic strong spicy flavor
Blends With: Camphor and Ylang-Ylang
Origin: Indonesia
Source: Rhizomes
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation

Technical Analysis

Key Constituents Strength (%)
1,8-Cineole 49.6
b-Pinene 6.6
a-Pinene 5.8
a-Terpineol 5
Camphene 4.6
(þ)-Limonene 4
d-Cadinene 2.5
g-Cadinene 2.1
Terpinen-4-ol 1.9
p-Cymene 1.6
(E)-a-Bergamotene 1.6
Camphor 1

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