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Canola Organic Carrier Oil

Canola Organic Carrier Oil
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Brassicaceae, formerly Cruciferae, the mustard family of flowering plants (order Brassicales), composed of 338 genera and some 3,700 species. The family includes many plants of economic importance that have been extensively altered and domesticated by humans, especially those of the genus Brassica, which includes cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, napa cabbage, turnip, and rutabaga. Other important agricultural crops in the family include horseradish, radish, and white mustard. A number of species—such as basket-of-gold, candytuft, and honesty—are grown as ornamentals, and some members of the family are considered invasive species in regions outside their native range.


Brassica is the second largest oilseed crop after soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) in world oilseed production (FAO, 2010; Raymer, 2002). Of the 37 species in the Brassica genus, the 4 most widely cultivated species for oilseed and vegetables are Brassica rapa L., B. juncea (L.) Czern. &Cosson, B. napus L., and B. carinata A. Braun. (Raymer, 2002; Rakow, 2004; Sovero, 1993). Oleiferous brassicas are generally derived from two species, B. napus L. and B. campestris L. (syn. B. rapa L.) B. campestris is also referred to by such names as toria, sarson, summer turnip rape, and Polish rape. Similarly, different names are also given to B. napus such as Argentine rape, Swede rape, and colza (Gupta and Pratap, 2007; Kalia and Gupta, 1997). All rapeseed-contributing cultivated Brassica spp. are highly polymorphic including oilseed crops, root crops, and vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. However, a few of them are cultivated as salad, vegetable, and condiment crops as well.



Botanical Name:  Brassica campestris
Common name:   Field Mustard
Plant family:  Brassicaceae
Genus:  Brassica
Appearance/Color: Pale yellow to brown
Origin India (primarily Over the Asia)
Source Seeds
Method of Extraction Cold Pressed

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